“On the Map,” conceived by artist Pablo Caviedes, presents immigration as a common denominator of American identity. Published and officially presented by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador in 2019, this bilingual (English-Spanish), large format, 13 X 11 in. hard cover, 204-page book with text by the esteemed art historian Dr. Jose Rodeiro magnificently lays out Caviedes’ visual metaphor of the immigrant experience and its impact on American culture through portraits of three individuals: the artist himself, representing the talents and resolute spirit of first-generation immigrants, and President Barack Obama and Andy Warhol, representing the enormous contributions of second-generation immigrants.  

First Lady Michelle Obama commended Caviedes in a letter in response to his “On the Map” book by saying, “Talents like yours demonstrate the power of our glorious diversity to make us smarter and more creative, and I hope you will continue to use the power of your voice to lift up those around you.”             

James Warhola, nephew of Andy Warhol, writes in the prologue of the “On the Map” book, “Not enough attention can be brought to second-generation people and their immigrant parents, for these new residents are often the ones who are at the forefront of discovery and innovation in their newly adopted country, just as Andy Warhol was in changing the path of art history forever.” 

Raúl Pérez Torres Minister of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador states, “On the Map” is a revelation of the transformational spirit that breathes life into it. This volume that we place in your hands is nothing if not proof of what an Ecuadorean can achieve when passion for the visual arts turns to flesh of his flesh.”