On the Map represents a personal view of immigration; that is, a graphic perspective of what Caviedes considers a common denominator of our American identity. 

This bilingual, large-format, 13 x 11 in., 33 x 28 cm, hardcover, 204 pages book (English/Spanish), with the text by the art historian Dr. José Rodeiro, is comprised of three parts, represented by three faces which act as a visual metaphor for this country’s historical situation. 

The third part of the book focuses on Andy Warhol, an icon of U.S. arts and culture who has world-wide recognition but whose connection to immigrants has been relegated to the sidelines.  

He represents the second generation of immigrants, who leave behind an enormous cultural legacy, in Warhol’s case a new artistic paradigm that revolutionized the art world. 

“Andy Warhol is an excellent choice to be a part of Caviedes’s magnum opus work titled On The Map,” declares James Warhola, nephew of Andy Warhol, pointing out that it is also a timely and sensitive theme to tackle. “One has to admire his brave effort in bringing his art into the public arena. I also thank him for the respect and tribute that he pays to my uncle, Andy Warhol. Not enough attention can be brought to second-generation people and their immigrant parents, for these new residents are often the ones who are at the forefront of discovery and innovation in their newly adopted country, just as Andy Warhol was in changing the path of art history forever.”