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My artistic process reflects my life experience in that it is constantly shifting and being shaped by the cultures of the places in which I have lived - Ecuador (my native country), Paris, Barcelona, and currently New York. It developed through the study of concepts and subjects that either touched or intrigued me, such as the coexistence of human beings with nature. This is evident in my longer series of works "Entre blanco oscuro y Negros claros," "Los Ungulados," "Griots," "Silencio," "Bridges and Ways," "Mannequin," "Nomada," and more recently "On the Map." Some address issues involving social matters, such as the serious political and economic crisis that led to the largest migration in Ecuador, and, in my latest series, the complexity of the origins and identity of the American people as a product of on-going immigration, while others are explorations in aesthetics, such as my study of monochromatic colors. Through each work, I seek to provoke some kind of reaction from the viewer - reflection, questioning, empathy, sensitivity–­­ with which to form the basis of a new understanding or perspective on the topic. The mediums I use have been greatly influenced by my exposure to various cultures, which has widened my horizons and led to the adoption of various techniques. While I use mainly painting, drawing, etching, sculpture, art object, and installations, I have also used digital art, 3D painting, and animation video to develop a visual language. These techniques have enabled me to express my philosophy of life.